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Activate Your 3rd Eye

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For millennia sages, yogis and the priesthood have been closely guarded the secrets of the spiritual vision that lies dormant in every human being. This vision can help us to create awareness and understanding for sub-conscious signals as well as the more subtle energies that surround us. 

If you would like to understand yourself and the world better, re-gain the curiosity and love for life that you had as a child or go the next step on your inner journey, this short course is for you. This course is also a required prep-course for our Kundalini teacher training as well as the more advanced meditation teacher training (200 and 300HR levels). 


* Preparation

* Protection/precaution

* What is the 3rd eye

* The human energy system from a spiritual viewpoint

* The chakras and their mapping to brain regions

* Gaining spiritual maturity - Being ready for deeper insights

* Diet

* 3rd-eye exercises

* Daily sadhana

* Where to go next?

Our lineage: 

We follow a traditional yogic path including Patanjali's 8 limbs as well as Vedanta. The teacher of this course is a realized mystic and yogi as well as the founder of the Yogamu Institute. 

The course content can be completed with 3 hours but we recommend at least 40 days of daily practice for the full effect of these practices. The gained knowledge is compatible with many teachings on other spiritual paths. The course is non-secular and we don't require you to have a specific belief but an open mind and healthy curiosity. 

Some people might not develop any extra-sensory perception or the required sensitivity for deeper insights within the first 40 days of practice but they should still benefit from the methods of focus and relaxation. 

With your participation, you confirm your mental and physical fitness for yogic mental and physical breathing exercises. If you are in current treatment for mental or respiratory issues, please consult your health care provider before enrolling in this course. 


Nikolai Manek is the US ambassador of the Indian World Yoga Federation as well as the Meditation Alliance International. He is the founder of Yogamu, one of the fastest-growing and largest yoga and meditation schools in the world. He has been an avid meditator and mystic for most of his life.